Kingdom Workers

What is a Kingdom Worker?

A Kingdom Worker is a Christian who uses whatever sphere of influence he or she has to proclaim the message of Jesus. Kingdom Workers include school teachers, moms, high school basketball players, bass guitarists, doctors and a countless list of others. Their ministry may look different, but they have each surrendered to Jesus, and are committed to using their gifts, abilities and relationships to advance his Kingdom.

At MOVE, students are called to be Kingdom workers. They are challenged to not only grow in their faith in Christ, but to also show the love of Christ to the world around them. Whether students are simply nicer to their teachers in school or choose to try and end world hunger, MOVE encourages students to make a difference no matter where they are or what they do. In the past, MOVE has raised up students who have fed 500 families on Thanksgiving, built wells with clean water in Zambia, worked to stop sex-trafficking in Cambodia, and clothed the homeless in their community.

Watch MLB player, Adam LaRoche talk about living as a Kingdom worker.

How do I become a Kingdom Worker?

Start thinking about your gifts and what you like to do. You can start right now using those things to engage your world with the truth of Christ. Figure out what your gifts are, pursue them unapologetically and use them to do Kingdom work. If you are confused about your gifts, take some time to talk with your parents, a pastor, and God.

Find Christians who do what you’d like to do someday. You know that graphic designer in your church? Get to know him. How about that attorney in your parents’ small group? Ask her a lot of questions. You need to learn from people interested in the same things you are. If they are Christians, they can also tell you how they use their career as a platform for the Gospel.

Pray for wisdom.
Pray for God’s leading.
Pray for God to go before you.

Kingdom Workers In The Press

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