Colorado 1


Early Price*
Deadline: 5/17/2014
Deposit not refundable after: 4/17/2014


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Deadline: 6/2/2014



Colorado 1 begins on Monday, June 15th and ends Friday, June 19th.

*A deposit of $50 per attendee is required to register. A late fee of $25 per person will be applied if the balance isn't paid 14 days prior to the start of this event.*

Special Information

PLEASE NOTE: All Adults Must undergo a National Criminal & Sex Offender background check for this event. Click on the "Download" button below for the Background Verification Form-Colorado. On Day 5, this event will follow "Schedule B." To see what this day will look like, please visit the Schedule page and scroll down to Day 5- Schedule B.


On Stage At This Event

  • John Luzadder
  • John Luzadder

  • Director

Additional speakers during this week of MOVE include
Mark Moore, Jodi Hickerson, Jason Epperson, and Drew Moore.

Location Information

Fort Lewis College

Durango, CO

Location Info

Background Check Verification Form-CO required for churches attending this location

Welcome to CIY’s only Rocky Mountain event. If you are looking for an event nestled within the mountains of Colorado, look no further. The Colorado MOVE offers more than just your average location. Not only is the scenery worth the drive to Southwest Colorado, but add in recreation options (both on and off campus) and Fort Lewis college and you have the recipe for a perfect week away.

Fort Lewis College sits on a mesa overlooking the town of Durango. This offers the perfect spot for any youth group to relax without worrying about the traffic and noise of a city campus. Our Colorado location is one of our best as agreed upon by our students and staff. The campus is removed from town only by elevation, which means you are not far from a great coffee and all the hometown eating you could want in downtown Durango. CIY has been with Fort Lewis College for more than 5 years.

Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Dr.
Durango, CO  81301-3999
Phone:  970-247-7220

Danny Larsh

Danny Larsh

Danny Larsh is a worship leader and songwriter based in Phoenix, AZ.  He currently serves in the Youth Ministry at Christ’s Church of the Valley. Danny is married to Derra. They love $5 appetizers, $4 coffee, and $3 movie tickets. This is Danny’s 3rd summer with CIY MOVE.
Twitter: @itsdannylarsh
Instagram: itsdannylarsh

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

Mark was a professor of New Testament at Ozark Christian College from 1990-2012, receiving a PhD from the University of Wales (2008) for his work on the politics of Jesus. In 2012 he has accepted the role of Teaching Pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley in Phoenix, AZ. Mark has authored a number of books, mostly on the Life of Christ (also Acts and Revelation). He is a speaker noted for his passion for the lost and his participation in completing the great commission of Christ. His life goal is to make Jesus famous.

Mallory Jenkins

Mallory Jenkins

Mallory is a student at Ozark Christian College studying preaching and has worked as a Sex-Ed teacher in middle schools surrounding Joplin, MO for the past 3 years. She is a southern girl who grew up the small town of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which is a lively replica of Andy Griffith's Mayberry. She enjoys homemade soups and watching Forest Gump anytime it is on TV. She frequently listens to the Phil Collins station on Pandora and sometimes shamelessly slow claps to the end of a good audio-book. Mal is passionate about preaching and teaching the Kingdom of God and is looking forward to sharing her passions this summer with other Kingdom Workers!