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Nebraska begins on Monday, July 6th and ends Friday, July 10th.

*A deposit of $50 per attendee is required to register. A late fee of $25 per person will be applied if the balance isn't paid 14 days prior to the start of this event.*

Special Information

All Adults Must undergo a National Criminal & Sex Offender background check for this event. The Youth Minister must fill out this form: Background Check Verification-Nebraska (click download button below) and each Adult must receive a copy of the Activity Worker Guidelines found below and on the Registration page. Nebraska is a Schedule A event. Dinner will be provided on Day 5 and housing for a 5th night is $16/person. To see what the Day 5 schedule will look like for Nebraska, please visit the schedule page and scroll down to Day 5- Schedule A.


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On Stage At This Event

  • John Luzadder
  • John Luzadder

  • Director

Additional speakers during this week of MOVE include
Jeff Walling, Cody Courter, Bryan Jones, and Jason Epperson.

Location Information

University of Nebraska

Lincoln, NE

Location Info

PLEASE NOTE: All Adults Must undergo a National Criminal & Sex Offender background check for this event.  The Youth Minister must fill out this form, Background Check Verification-Nebraska
All adult leaders must receive a copy of the Activity Worker Guidelines (click to download)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a remarkably comfortable and friendly place; when you're here, you're among friends. With more parkland per capita than any other city in the United States and an intricate trails network, Lincoln offers a wealth of outdoor diversions. Downtown Lincoln lies at the southern edge of UNL's City Campus, and is seasoned by coffee houses, theaters, specialty shops and restaurants offering cuisines from around the world.

With 250,000 people, Lincoln has the same movies, stores, shows, restaurants, and coffee shops that you’d find in other major cities. But here, you don’t have to compete with millions to get into them. And with campus right downtown, the fun isn’t far away.

University of Nebraska—Lincoln 
1400 R St
Lincoln, NE   68588
Phone: 402-472-7211

Jordan Howerton Band

Jordan Howerton Band

The Jordan Howerton Band is emerging as one of this generation’s most energetic and authentic worship bands.  Rarely do you find a band as humble and servant minded as JHB.  They are a tight knit group of guys from the Midwest with an infectious spirit for the Kingdom of Jesus.  They lead thousands of people in worship every year while traveling to events and churches around the nation.  Their authentic leadership is seen on and off the stage.  They know the value in relationships and not just moments.  That is evident in the way they interact with the people they’re leading.

“Great songs, great sound, but that’s not what speaks the loudest with JHB. This is a band with a heart full of passion and desire for the one true living God! Know Him and make Him known is the resounding theme that calls out to everyone within earshot.”    
   - Kendall Combes (recording producer for JHB and electric guitarist for Charlie Hall)

Danny Curry

Danny Curry

Danny Curry joins us from Greenfield, Indiana where he serves at Spiritual Development Minister at Park Chapel Christian Church. Growing up in Bedford, Indiana, he started preaching at the age of 16 before attending Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee for his formal ministry training.  He is a passionate speaker who teaches God’s truth with a straightforward style, humor and real-life applications. Danny considers it a privilege to worship with us and to challenge us from God’s Word.

Miriam Naponelli Masey

Miriam Naponelli Masey

Miriam Naponelli Masey is an actor from Chicago, IL. She loves using her passion for theater/acting in every aspect of her life! When she isn't on stage acting or improvising with GreenRoom Improv, she works for Spotlight Youth Theater as a teacher, director, and as their Marketing Coordinator. Miriam is so excited to be joining the CIY team this summer!
You can find her at or on twitter at @mnaponelli