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Oklahoma begins on Sunday, July 26th and ends Thursday, July 30th.

*A deposit of $50 per attendee is required to register. A late fee of $25 per person will be applied if the balance isn't paid 14 days prior to the start of this event.*

Special Information

On Day 5, this event will follow "Schedule B." To see what this day will look like, please visit the Schedule page and scroll down to Day 5- Schedule B.

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On Stage At This Event

  • Eric Epperson
  • Eric Epperson

  • Director

Additional speakers during this week of MOVE include
Mark Christian, Mike Hickerson, and Blake Bergstrom.

Location Information

Oral Roberts University

Tulsa, OK

Location Info

Oral Roberts University
7777 S Lewis Ave
Tulsa, OK 74171
Phone: 918-495-6161

Jordan Howerton Band

Jordan Howerton Band

The Jordan Howerton Band is emerging as one of this generation’s most energetic and authentic worship bands.  Rarely do you find a band as humble and servant minded as JHB.  They are a tight knit group of guys from the Midwest with an infectious spirit for the Kingdom of Jesus.  They lead thousands of people in worship every year while traveling to events and churches around the nation.  Their authentic leadership is seen on and off the stage.  They know the value in relationships and not just moments.  That is evident in the way they interact with the people they’re leading.

“Great songs, great sound, but that’s not what speaks the loudest with JHB. This is a band with a heart full of passion and desire for the one true living God! Know Him and make Him known is the resounding theme that calls out to everyone within earshot.”    
   - Kendall Combes (recording producer for JHB and electric guitarist for Charlie Hall)

Chad Ragsdale

Chad Ragsdale

Chad lives in Joplin, Missouri with his wife, Tara, and three kids, Logan, Addy, and Ryane. He has taught New Testament and Christian Apologetics at Ozark Christian College for the past eight years. His favorite team, favorite band, and favorite movie is the same as yours. But you would probably hate his favorite color. The most important thing about Chad is that Jesus is alive.

Isaiah Basye

Isaiah Basye

Isaiah C. Basye worked a bit for SuperStart where he was the Human Cannonball. He was also a main character for a show on TBN called The Lads TV. He played a disgruntled live ukulele musician. He is a member of the SCBWI. (Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) He writes funny poems for kids and hopes to soon be a children's book author. For now he's a 5th grade teacher in Carthage MO.