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Deadline: 6/28/2014
Deposit not refundable after: 5/29/2014


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Oregon begins on Monday, July 27th and ends Friday, July 31st.

*A deposit of $50 per attendee is required to register. A late fee of $25 per person will be applied if the balance isn't paid 14 days prior to the start of this event.*

Special Information

Oregon is a Schedule A event. Dinner will not be provided on Day 5 and housing for a 5th night is $18/person. To see what the Day 5 schedule will look like for OR, please visit the schedule page and scroll down to Day 5- Schedule A.

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On Stage At This Event

  • Lane Moss
  • Lane Moss

  • Director

Additional speakers during this week of MOVE include
Jim Johnson, Rachel Oblon, and Bryan Jones.

Location Information

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR

Location Info

Founded in 1868, Oregon State is situated 90 miles south of Portland, and an hour from the Cascades or the Pacific Coast, Corvallis is the perfect home base for exploring Oregon’s natural wonders.  The 400-acre main campus in Corvallis includes a Historic District, making Oregon State one of only a handful of U.S. university campuses listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Oregon State is located in Corvallis, a vibrant college town of 53,000 in the heart of Western Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The district includes such icons as Weatherford Hall, the Memorial Union and Benton Hall, the oldest building on campus.   Look no further then the historical campus of Oregon State for MOVE this summer!

Oregon State University
100 LaSells Stewart Center
Corvallis, OR   97331
Phone: 541-737-642

Louie & Brianne Bookout

Louie & Brianne Bookout

Louie and Brianne Bookout live in Pasadena, CA and were married last October. Both have been leading worship since a young age and now look forward to being able to pursue that passion together. They both work at churches in Los Angeles; Louie is a worship leader at Real Life Church and Brianne works with students at Shepherd of the Hills. They look forward to meeting the students at Move this summer and can't wait to worship with them

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

Jim has served as Lead Minister for Sunnybrook Christian Church for the past 9 years.  God has created Jim with a passion for discipleship and teaching.  Along with preaching the majority of Sundays he meets with smaller groups to further challenge their understanding of God.
Jim and his wife Andrea have been married for 24 years and have three boys, Matt, Mac and Max.

Kat McKeown

Kat McKeown

Kat McKeown has been in love with the stage since she was a wee little nugget.
From Make-up Artist to Improv Performer and Teacher of the Performing Arts,
Kat has found no greater joy then bringing confidence, laughter, and understanding to her students and audience. She also enjoys run on sentences and can't wait to return to CIY this summer!

You can find her at greenroomtheater.com and on twitter at @TheKatMcKeown