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St. Louis SuperStart Important Update!

What Is SuperStart!

The demand for preteen-specific ministry has continued to increase within America's churches over the past decade. Many of today's church leaders realize the importance of a purposeful discipleship tactic for young people in fourth through sixth grades. These preteens need more time, space and resources. They need teaching that is specific to their age group - not too young (or "boring," as they would say it) and not too old. CIY's SuperStart! exists to help fill the void for this age group, and to come alongside the church in a fun, inventive way to reach students that are often overlooked.

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So Who's Driving This Boat Anyway?

Preteen leader Patrick Snow, CIY, preaching a sermon

Preteen leader Patrick Snow joined CIY in 2005 to help launch this unique program. As senior director of SuperStart!, Patrick leads a creative team that has taken the weekend program from approximately 2,000 preteens and leaders in 2005 to more than 15,000 in 2015. Today it is the biggest Christian preteen event in the country.