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Day 1

Welcome to Kingdom Worker Week. We’re excited that you’re going to join us as we travel coast to coast, celebrating Kingdom workers like you. Our theme this week is “The Church Is…” and each day we’ll look at a characteristic of this big, beautiful, global, and eternal thing we call THE CHURCH.

Let’s kick things off with the KW7 Show, which you can watch right now. You can also click [here] to download it and watch it with your friends or youth group. Feel free to post it, share it, burn copies on blank DVDs and hand them out on the street corner. Your call. Everyone’s invited to the party!

Did you watch it? Cool. What happens next? Come back to tomorrow morning, click on Day 2, and you’ll get a devotion, videos, and a challenge for the day. Rinse and repeat on the next day. And the next. And the next – all week. Keep coming back because there will always be something new.

One more thing! Make sure you’re following CIY Æffect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Tell us about your experience with #kw7. We’ll be documenting our travels and broadcasting live every night this week at 9pm EST. We can’t wait to party with you.

Ready? Let’s do some Kingdom work.

Download Day 1