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Day 3

There could be a church without music. There could be a church without a building. There could be a church without paid pastors. But there wouldn’t be a church without Jesus (Eph. 2:20). When people talk about the “global church,” they mean a group of people around the world and throughout history, made up of every nation, who are all a part of the same family—the body of Christ. The church exists because Jesus exists, and as such, the church revolves around Jesus; he gives us a purpose and identity.

But why should the church revolve around Jesus? Because he is better and more satisfying than all the distractions this world offers. If the church really wouldn’t be here without Jesus, we need to let him set the tone for our church. So is Jesus the boss of your church? Your family? Your life?

If Jesus is the boss, we can focus on him more than our relationships, friendships, and sexual temptations. We give up unfulfilling relationships and chase after a God who will never leave us because Jesus is the most loving.

If Jesus is the boss, we can look to him more than money, career aspirations, or fears for our future. We don’t have to feel insecure in our low test scores, missing extracurriculars, or lack of direction; instead we embrace our unique passions and gifts, using those to love others because Jesus is the most powerful.

If Jesus is the boss, we can concentrate on him rather than our worst sins and most shameful acts. This kind of mercy also enables us to forgive others of the most harmful, painful sins—this isn’t easy, but it’s the life we’re called to because Jesus is the most forgiving.

Is Jesus your boss? Or are you trying to be his lawyer?

Our church has to have Jesus at its center if it’s going to survive, much less thrive. And just when you think you might be overstating how great Jesus is, take a quick read through Colossians 1:16-20 and Hebrews 1:3. Jesus is pretty great, and then he chose to create and love us (not to mention dying for our sins), just because. So spending our lives serving as a church and loving him back isn’t really a sacrifice—it’s a gift.

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