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Day 4

There may be locks on the doors of your sanctuary, but don’t let that fool you—the church is here for everyone (unless you’re perfect, then you’re kicked out). Despite what you may see modeled, it’s not our job to decide who is worthy of the gospel message.

Caleb Kaltenbach didn’t grow up in the church but he’s spent his adult life trying to help churches be more welcoming to messy people. In our first of two Kingdom Worker Conversations, Caleb talks about what a welcoming church looks like.

In Luke 14, Jesus gives us a parable of a rich man throwing a huge feast, but all the people he invited don’t show up. So he sends out his servants to bring in the poor, crippled, and hungry, and then there’s extra room at his table that he fills with vagrants passing by or workers in need of a meal, and still there’s room (because there will always be more room).

Jesus is that rich man, and we’re all lucky enough to be invited to his table where the food and drink will never run out. The gospel only excludes those who exclude themselves—those who turn down the invitation. Our job as the church is to be like the faithful servants as we try to bring in the reputable and the rude and the poor and the needy alike. Because we all need the church, every imperfect one of us.

We’re all imperfect and we all have doubts. Mike McHargue has been helping people deal with their doubts and helping churches create space for skeptics for years. He sat down with Eric for a Kingdom Worker Conversation and talked about science, faith, and everything in between.

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