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Day 5

1. Simon Peter was great on guitar. 2. Matthew the tax collector had an amazing singing voice. 3. Judas Iscariot loved to play ping-pong and eat pizza in youth group. Now, let’s fact-check these bad boys: 1. This is false. The guitar can’t be tracked before the 15th century. 2. We have no idea if this is true. Matthew, who wrote the Gospel that has his name, could have been tone deaf and sang off key constantly. 3. Clearly this list is less about the apostles and more Steve from Indiana who does all three of these things really well.

The disciples didn’t have this kind of reputation, but you know what the early church was known for? It’s a pretty simple list that shows up in our songs and coloring books and is described throughout the book of Acts: making the blind the see, healing the lame, casting out demons, and even sharing food and resources to ensure everyone had enough.

While that was the reputation of the early church in Acts, what would your church’s reputation be? What would people in your community say about you? Maybe you’re the ones with the big, new building. Or the church who does the fireworks show on the Fourth of July every year. The ones who run the after-school program. Every church has a reputation, so what’s yours? Would people say the same things about Jesus as they say about your church?

Let those questions sink in for a minute. Does your church go out of its way for others? Heather Avis has been on a journey of living a sacrificial life for several years and sat down with Eric for today’s Kingdom Worker Conversation to talk about serving.

The early church that was marked with Christ’s ascension and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was grounded with two purposes: serving others and pointing them to truth, to Christ, just as Jesus found these to be his purpose. Too often we get distracted with kick drums and kickball, and we lose sight of it all. It’s time we remember what—and who—we’re here for.

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