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Day 7

How well were you paying attention to Kingdom Worker Week? Get all ten questions right and you could win some cool prizes. Screen grab your results and post them on Instagram using #KW7. We’ll announce some winners on November 13th.

What was your favorite day of Kingdom Worker Week?

  • Tuesday
  • Monday
  • Wednesday

Who was NOT a guest during Kingdom Worker Week?

  • Merci Neff
  • The You Can Sit With Us Girls
  • Matt Damon

According to Brett McCracken's wisdom pyramid, where should we look for wisdom first?

  • The Bible
  • The Left Behind series
  • Ke$ha

Why were there only one set of footprints in the same?

  • Because we're deists
  • Because we have jetpacks
  • Because God is working on other things

What should a church do in a community?

  • Bless it
  • Hide from it
  • Overthrow it

According to Roxanne Stone, what are people looking for from a church?

  • Relationships and service opportunities
  • Coffee shops and painting of lambs
  • Good music and child care

What do people have to do when they come to your church?

  • Believe then behave then belong
  • Belong then believe then behave
  • Behave then belong then believe

Which of the following was a daily theme for Kingdom Worker Week?

  • The Church is... All About the Banjamins
  • The Church is... More Than a Feeling
  • The Chruch is... Only the Beginning

What animal did Mike McHargue use to describe millennials?

  • Cats
  • Iguanas
  • Sheep

Heather Avis has a book called...

  • Lady Luck Rides Again
  • The Lucky Few
  • Better Luck Next Time
70% answers correctly

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