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2017 KW7 Kingdom Worker Conversation - Roxanne Stone

Your personal faith is important but the Church is something bigger. Hear some of Roxanne Stone's thoughts on what the Church actually is. Hint: it's more than you.

2017 KW7 Kingdom Worker Conversation - Mike McHargue

Mike McHargue has been helping people deal with their doubts and helping churches create space for skeptics for years. He sat down with Eric for a Kingdom Worker Conversation and talked about science, faith, and everything in between.

2017 KW7 Gender Reveal Party

You've been wondering, is KW7 a boy or a girl? Find out by watching KW7's Gender Reveal Party.

2017 KW7 Kingdom Worker Conversation - Heather Avis

Things of great value and worth take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Heather Avis shares some thoughts about easy and difficult things. Preview one of KW7's Kingdom Worker Conversations.


2017 KW7 Kingdom Worker Conversation - Jeff Walling

Jeff Walling shares some brief thoughts about the Church's role in the community. Hear from his heart in a preview of one of KW7's Kingdom Worker Conversation.

2017 KW7 Conversations - Caleb Kaltenback

We're all in a process. Trust the process - Caleb Kaltenback does. Preview one of 2017 KW7's Kingdom Worker Conversations.

2017 KW7 Evaluations

Last year was KW7's first year. We've reviewed some evaluations - listen to the changes we're planning to make for November 5-11.

2017 KW7 90’s Pop Culture

Technology has advanced quite a bit over the last 20 years. Join Æffect for Kingdom Worker Week, CIY's annual digital event delivered right to your phone. Unless you're playing snake - in that case, time to upgrade!

2017 KW7 Facebook Promo

It can be hard to cut through all the noise on Facebook. It's hard not to keep scrolling, which is why Æffect will be broadcasting live every nigth of Kingdom Worker Week.

2017 KW7 Challenge Ideas

Eric and Mallory give a few ideas on how to serve in your communities during Kingdom Worker Week. There are at least 3 good ones.

2017 KW7 Silent Promo

Kingdom Worker Week is an annual digital event put on by CIY Æffect. Listen (or actually, don't) as Eric Epperson gives some reasons to attend this fall.

2017 KW7 Location Announcement

Listen to Eric Epperson explain Kingdom Worker Week and reveal what locations will be hosting Æffect each day during the annual digital event.