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Does CIY Engage Provide first aid at the event?

Christ In Youth does not provide first aid supplies or on-site medical professionals at events. Leaders will be provided with the location of the nearest medical facility for their event location. In the event of an emergency, CIY staff will assist the adult leaders from the group with communication in seeking medical attention. However, it is the responsibility of the adult in charge for the group to ensure that the affected individual(s) receive appropriate care, are accompanied while away from the event, and appropriate payment arrangements are made. Leaders from the group should have access to medical release forms for everyone on the trip at all times.

What is Staging Camp?

The first day of your Engage trip will be spent at Staging Camp. This is where you will meet up with the CIY Engage trip leaders as well as your other teammates. The Staging Camp location varies for each Engage trip (it is determined on the international flight departure airport). Your time at Staging Camp will be spent getting to know your team and going through some pre-trip orientation.

Your Staging Camp location is the place where you will make travel arrangements to (either booking a flight or driving). Once you arrive at Staging Camp, all costs are covered, other than souvenirs and extra snacks, beverages, and incidentals.

What will I do on an Engage International trip?

Each Engage International trip is unique and is planned to best serve the local church, community, and partners/missionaries. A general overview of each trip can be found on the dates and locations webpage. Click on the trip location to read more of what it entails. For more specific questions, please call Engage staff at the CIY office.

Why does Engage offer trips?

Engage offers trips to...

  • Recruit and equip students to be Kingdom workers right now.
  • Provide environments where students learn from Kingdom workers.
  • Develop spiritual growth in students and student ministries.
  • Train students to engage people as they follow Jesus.

Will I receive training for my Engage International trip?

Yes. Training is the heartbeat of Engage. It is essential. Engage has developed an online training resource with videos and intentional training exercises that will help prepare you BEFORE the trip, guide you DURING the trip, and help you continue to process and learn AFTER the trip. This training includes both spiritual and cultural content and will train you for not only international settings, but for being a Kingdom worker wherever you are. This resource also includes self-assessments so you can track your progress throughout the training (both before and after the trip) and allows you to keep an online journal so you can review and reread the things you have learned.

What is the cancellation policy for Engage International trips?

In the event you need to cancel your trip participation, you must notify CIY in writing (mail or email). The date of the postmark/email will determine your cancellation date and the costs for which you are responsible. At no time will any funds paid or raised for the trip be returned to you. If the funds that have been paid or raised at the time of cancellation do not cover the costs that CIY will incur (for international airfare and/or other deposits), you will be responsible for paying the difference.

If CIY has to cancel your trip due to political unrest, natural disaster, or at the recommendation of the missionary or U.S. State Department, you will have the option of diverting to a different location or waiting until the next year.

How do I raise my trip funds for Engage International trips?

Engage understands that the amount of money it takes to go on an International trip may look daunting, but remember that the funds can come from a number of sources over a period of several months. The most important thing in raising your finances is to understand that this mission is God’s and not yours. Dedicate it to prayer. If this is God’s will for your life and you do all that you can, God will provide a way. Remember that an Engage experience is a Kingdom worker training opportunity, and raising support is the first challenge of many that can change your life. A few examples of fundraising ideas are below:

  • Write a support letter. Once you’re accepted on a trip, Engage will provide you with a sample letter. Send this letter to family, friends, church members, coaches, etc. The goal of the letter will be to ask for support in a couple of different ways. You will want to ask for prayer supporters – people who will commit to praying for you on a regular basis. The other type of support you will want to ask for is financial support.
  • Set up an online fundraising page. Engage has an online template for you to be able to create your own fundraising page with a link that is uniquely your own. Once accepted on a trip, you will be able to set up your page and send the link to family and friends or post it to social media.
  • Host a fundraising dinner. Invest in making a meal for several people you know – you could even invite your whole church! At the dinner, explain to your guests what you want to do and why you want to do it, and ask for donations and for prayer supporters.
  • Plan a race. 5K, full marathon, color run….you name it. The entrance fee will go to support your trip (other donations on top of the entrance fee may come in as well).
  • Organize an auction or yard sale. Ask for friends or families in your church to donate items to the sale and all the proceeds will go to your trip expenses.
  • Facilitate a Parent’s Night Out. Gather some friends to help you out and use your church as a place to host a babysitting night. Parents can have a night out for a date and in return they can offer donations that will go directly toward your trip.
  • Go epic and plan a food fight! Ask all participants (even adults) to pay an entry fee and bring their own food (pudding, flour, rice, etc). 3…2…1…FOOD FIGHT!!

How do we ensure safety for Engage International trips?

Christ In Youth has been leading mission trips for more than 25 years, and every trip is carefully researched to ensure the safety of each participant entrusted to us.

  • Information relating to food, water, housing, political unrest, and health concerns are reviewed with our local partners/missionaries.
  • Engage is careful to provide a safe and secure environment to house our participants. This may be in churches, schools, hotels, or the homes of national Christians or missionaries.
  • Engage monitors reports of political unrest and travel conditions through the U.S. State Department.
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides Engage with information relating to potential diseases in the regions we visit.
  • Engage provides trained and qualified trip leader(s). The number of leaders depends on the number of trip participants.
  • Capable doctors and hospitals are accessible in most areas in case of medical emergencies.

What does the cost include for Engage International trips?

Trip cost includes:

  • International airfare
  • Food
  • Lodging
  • Staging Camp expenses
  • In-country ground transportation
  • Travel medical insurance*
  • Work project materials
  • Supplies
  • Literature
  • Engage T-shirt
  • All taxes

Trip cost does NOT include domestic airfare for transportation to Staging Camp, passport application fees, travel visa fees (if needed), or VBS materials (if needed).

* Parents or guardians are responsible for any medical bills incurred during the trip that are OUTSIDE of the travel medical insurance provided by Engage. This insurance comes with a $0 deductible, and in most cases, there will not be any initial out-of-pocket costs. In the event of an emergency, Engage will insure payment in order to get treatment. If needed, Engage will advance monies in order to pay all bills; however, we expect to be reimbursed for these expenses outside of travel medical insurance. In the event a participant has to be flown home due to serious injury or illness, the legal guardians will assume full financial responsibility.

What are the payment deadlines for Engage International trips?

Winter Trips:
1st Deposit - $250 due in Stage 2 of acceptance process
2nd Deposit - $1,000 due by November 17, 2017
Final Payment – paid in full 14 days prior to trip departure date

Spring Trips:
1st Deposit - $250 due in Stage 2 of acceptance process
2nd Deposit - $500 due by November 17, 2017
3rd Deposit – $500 due by January 12, 2018
Final Payment – paid in full 14 days prior to trip departure date

Summer Trips:
1st Deposit - $250 due in Stage 2 of acceptance process
2nd Deposit - $500 due by January 12, 2018
3rd Deposit – $500 due by March 1, 2018
Final Payment – paid in full 14 days prior to trip departure date

If you have any questions regarding these deadlines, please call Engage staff at the CIY office at 417-781-2273.

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