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Prayer of the Week

Our Engage team at Christ In Youth believes that it is important to consistently engage your students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around the world. We also believe in the power of prayer. We have created a free weekly resource that you can use as a programming element during your youth group meeting times. You can also visit this site regularly for updates to see how God is answering our collective prayers to affect change in the hurting places of the world. Would you join with us in prayer? Would you join with us in engaging a generation of students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around them and the power of their God to do something about it?

Prayer of the Week

  • MONDAY, FEB. 19, 2018

    Florida mourns 17 in high school shooting

    Jesus, There are no words we can say to comfort the families who lost children on Feb. 15 in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. We cannot relate to the high school students who lost friends, and experienced sheer terror that day. Jesus, we call upon your name to help us. Hold onto this Florida community as they begin to mourn the deaths of 17 teenagers. Please be with those recovering from severe wounds from this incident, and please surround all the high school students and staff as they recoup emotionally from this nightmare. We know the

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  • MONDAY, FEB. 12, 2018

    World mourns tragic Russian plane crash

    Jesus, Our hearts are broken for the victims of the Russian passenger plane crash. Lord, you know the names and stories of each of the 71 people onboard – all tragically killed on Feb. 11. Jesus, we pray for these souls and their surviving families. Please wrap your loving arms around those who are hurting right now, and remind them our true home is in Heaven with our Father. We pray investigations of the crash go smoothly, and perhaps result in some closure for the victims’ loved ones. There were 150 Russian emergency responders called to the scene of the accident.

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  • MONDAY, FEB. 5, 2018

    Olympics to thrill the world

    Jesus, It’s a thrilling time as the world anticipates the 2018 Winter Olympics to begin Feb. 8 in PyeongChang Olympic Stadium in South Korea. We find a sense of hope during the Olympics as all nationalities come together to compete in peaceful rivalry. This is a time when the world celebrates our differences and applauds all outstanding athletic talents. Jesus, please be with the athletes. Let them perform to the best of their ability, represent their counties well, and let them find strength and triumph in you. Lord, we also pray for all those in attendance of the Olympics.

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  • MONDAY, JAN. 29, 2018

    Pray for hope in wake of France flood

    Jesus, Today we pray for your children in France. Floodwaters have peaked in Paris and now threaten communities along the Seine River. Lord, please be with first responders as they help the victims of this flood, and protect citizens as they navigate to safety in the coming weeks. Lord, please let worries recede with the water, and let every act of compassion reflect your amazing love and mercy. Jesus, please give comfort to those in Normandy who are suffering from uncertainty with the oncoming flood. Please break hearts that belong to you for your children. Let us love with

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  • MONDAY, JAN. 22, 2018

    How Pray for Turpin Family

    Jesus, It can be difficult to pray like Christ for unspeakable cruelties that happen in our world. Our hearts have been broken for the 13 siblings rescued from an allegedly abusive home in California (http://wapo.st/2rsQCfb). Lord, we first praise you for taking action in this situation with these children. Thank you for the courage you instilled in a youthful heart to speak up for her siblings. It’s going to be a long road of recovery for these children. Lord, please be with them and heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jesus, please guide the doctors

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