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Prayer of the Week

Our Engage team at Christ In Youth believes that it is important to consistently engage your students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around the world. We also believe in the power of prayer. We have created a free weekly resource that you can use as a programming element during your youth group meeting times. You can also visit this site regularly for updates to see how God is answering our collective prayers to affect change in the hurting places of the world. Would you join with us in prayer? Would you join with us in engaging a generation of students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around them and the power of their God to do something about it?



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Pray this Prayer:

Jesus, we declare that every human, of every nation, of every language, was created by you. All people that you create are valuable, and this value is beyond comparison. Out of your boundless love and endless grace, you have assigned specific purpose to each of your creations. When we recognize the value that every human holds because they were made by you, we are shocked to hear of an entire people group being slaughtered. We lift up the Rohingya people as hundreds of them have been murdered, while hundreds of thousands flee from their own homes in search of safety. These people —  your people — have been attacked because of their ethnicity.
Jesus, we know that your heart is for the vulnerable; for the orphan and widow. We beg you to intervene in this. Thank you for opening space in Bangladesh for these refugees. Jesus, please make these camps places of safety. We beg you to stop the hatred, stop the torching’s, stop the killing, stop the rape.
May your people cry out to you and may you save them, Jesus. We trust that you are good. We admit that we can feel hopeless and overwhelmed, but we trust that you are able to save your people. Awaken the hearts of your Kingdom Workers to action. Do not let this injustice be ignored any longer. Bring your heart for justice to the people of Myanmar. Amen.