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Engage Conference

Northern Ireland 1

January 3 - January 13

*The Trip Cost includes both the Base Price and the Airfare. Any international airfares not yet secured will say "Airfare Estimate."

This is a closed event!

The Location

Northern Ireland

Engage has the awesome opportunity to partner with Richie Shilliday who is the founder and director of RIOT (Revival In Our Town). RIOT is located 35 miles outside of Belfast in a small town on the eastern coast at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. It’s a great place to stand in awe of the Lord’s creation. Through various programs, RIOT aims to be an extension of the love of Jesus by building a healthy community and being a place of safety and encouragement for the local youth. Its Youth Center is open to provide after-school hang-out or tutoring, specialty classes on subjects such as youth leadership and suicide awareness, and drop-in evenings for fun and worship.

Though Northern Ireland is believed to have a strong Christian influence, only a small percentage of the population has an active walk with Christ. Few teens claim to be Christians. The lives of youth are characterized by boredom and apathy and this results with the experimentation of drugs and alcohol as an outlet at such an early age. Throughout this experience, you will be an advocate of RIOT through evangelistic outreach events, Kids Club (Bible school type program), and will help facilitate the Youth Center hang out times when its doors are open. You will go on a prayer walk like never before through Tollymore Forest—the forest where C.S. Lewis played as a kid and got his inspiration for Narnia. You will also get to retrace the steps of St. Patrick and learn the story of how Christianity was brought to Ireland. Ultimately, through the component of prayer, you will participate in the movement of the Spirit across this beautiful country that is so rich in culture and history.


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