A majority of Irish youth are Christian...

70 percent are Christian, and 60 percent are Catholic specifically. 89 percent have attended a church service at some point.

...in name only

Despite the long-standing presence of the Church, 63 percent of young people in Ireland qualify as nominal Christians.

One in four young people in Ireland is currently going through a crisis of faith.

Church attendance, Christian practises and interest in spirituality are on the decline among young adults.

Just three in 10 young people feel confident about their knowledge of theology or the Bible.

Accordingly, even Christian respondents indicated a muddled understanding of core Christian teachings.

The generation feels increasing conflict between progressive values and Christian morality.

Even among practising Christians, three in 10 say Church teachings on sexuality are completely wrong.

Attending Christian events is linked to a more personal and active faith life.

Christians who go to such programmes are more likely to report a personal prayer life, attend church monthly and say that Jesus has deeply transformed their lives.

Academic and professional pressures weigh significantly on the minds of young Irish people.

Teens are most concerned about test scores, while young adults stress about finances and job security.

Young Christians in Ireland are eager for a closer relationship between Catholic and Protestant communities.

51 percent say there is too much tension between the Churches, and 79 percent agree someone can be a good Christian regardless of their denominations.

Parents, church leaders and teachers are identified as influences who can make Christianity more appealing.

Yet more than half of Christian youth do not know an adult who regularly talks with them about their faith.

Seventy-one percent of young practising Christians in Ireland want to find a way to follow Jesus that connects to the world they live in.

Who will help them?


Wade Landers

Senior Director of Global Expansion, Christ In Youth

Jayson French

Vice President of Programming, Christ In Youth

Jasper Rutherford

European Director, Christ In Youth



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