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AEffect is an online program that produces digital content for students to continue their experience at home while engaging them in Kingdom Work.

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Since KW7 is all about conversations this year, we thought we'd share some of our favorite conversations from the KW7 vault. From artists to business leaders, thinkers and creatives, sit back and listen to these compelling chats about Kingdom work.

Caleb Kaltenbach grew up with two gay parents and has spent his entire ministry career trying to make sense of truth and love. He is the author of Messy Grace, a book that is changing the conversation on LGBTQ issues in churches across America. He visited with Eric last fall about the struggle of loving everyone, no matter what.

Steele Johnson almost never made it to the Olympics. After a serious diving accident left him wondering if he’d ever dive again, Steele made a decision to dedicate his life to Kingdom work. His comeback and performance in the 2016 Summer Games is one for the record books. He visited with Eric during the 2016 KW7 Show and talked about what Kingdom work means to him.

Science Mike hosts a popular podcast for believers, doubters, skeptics, and everyone in between. During this 2017 conversation, Eric asked him what church leaders needed to consider when helping millennials wrestle with their faith.

Cynthia Marshall retired from AT&T in 2017 as one of the most powerful business leaders in America. Yet she recently came out of retirement to become the interim CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. She joined the KW7 crew at a Texas Chick-Fila last fall for a Facebook Live conversation we’ll never forget.

Roxanne Stone writes about faith and culture for the BARNA Group, the current leaders in Gen Z research. She and Eric visited last fall about the good and bad of the current culture and the church’s role in helping young people navigate our ever-changing world.

Heather Avis is a stay-at-home mom and advocate for the awesomeness of Down syndrome and adoption. Eric caught up with her in Southern California and discussed how sometimes the hardest things can also be the best things.

Brett McCracken is a senior editor for The Gospel Coalition and author of Uncomfortable, a book all about Christian community. Brett joined the KW7 Show for a conversation about church, technology and the role of both in the life of a Kingdom worker.