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Hey guys, this is Matt Gilchrist. We've made some changes here at Christ In Youth to our Know Sweat program and I wanted to let everyone know about it.

Something was missing. As a partner in ministry through CIY's Know Sweat program, you may not have known it, but something was definitely missing.

It was not the faith building service projects, the completed work or even the impacting evening worship sessions. Somehow, just introducing a student to hard work done in Jesus name falls short on its own. Helping students engage the spiritual needs of those around them is a much more complete missional experience. What if students could give their service away while coming to understand and develop a cultural sensitivity for those they serve? What if your group's service could link a family to the local church for lasting community impact? What if the focus on an individual student's sweat service could be redirected toward the relationships found when Christian students engage the world around them as Kingdom workers?

For these reasons, CIY is proud to share with you that Know Sweat has changed its' name and focus to Engage: Service.

Not to worry, the core of what you love about service is still at the heart of Engage: Service.


Be among the first to sign up for a trip that is more than just a service project. Register for a week of Engage:Service and watch your students have a lasting impact on the people and world around them.

Please visit to find our dates and locations for 2012. Registration opens November 1!


Matt Gilchrist
Program Director - Engage
Christ In Youth
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