Five Conversations You Can Have With Your Student After Watching ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ —

By Becca Haines

After taking your students to see the latest installment to the Star Wars Saga, there are some opportunities to go from geeked-out to God-in. 

Any master can guide their padawan in these conversations, whether they be a parent, a youth leader or coach.

1. Embrace the Light. A great question to ask your student after any movie is “What made that guy/girl the hero?” Obviously, more often than not, the answer will revolve around the character’s choices. The hero chooses to do the right thing, to follow their heart, or find courage and strength within themselves to save the day. Those choices don’t just happen in a galaxy far, far away – but right here in our homes, at school and with friends. The new Star Wars movie has a way of reminding us that a hero Kingdom worker can come from anywhere – even a desolate “nowhere.”

2. Never Give Up on Someone. Luke Skywalker knew his father still had good in him; just as Rey felt the conflict within Ben in “The Last Jedi.” Ask your student about forgiveness, and how many times God forgives us for our failures. Despite the unspeakable sins Darth Vader and Kylo Ren did in the Star Wars stories, Luke and Rey were determined to guide them back to the light. As Kingdom workers, we should never constantly keep our shields up or just count someone as lost.

3. No One is Ever Gone. Losing loved ones is, regrettably, part of life. Helping students through loss is never easy, but perhaps an opportunity to connect to young people is in this message from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” In a heart-wrenching moment, Luke takes his sister’s hand and says, “No one is ever gone.” It is too bad our loved ones can't show up all aglow in a tranquil moment, but it is a relief to know they're at peace and will never suffer again. Kingdom workers can find comfort in knowing they’ll spend eternity with the Father and reunite with loved ones.

4. Unanswered Questions are Part of Life. Much to the demise of heart-aching fans, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” never answered the question of, “Who is Rey?” If your student is in turmoil over this antagonizing unanswered question, this a great chance to let them know that sometimes God doesn’t always provide the answer. That’s the beautiful part about faith – you have to trust. We serve an amazing God who weaves every detail of our lives, and it’s human nature to raise questions and desire completion, but that’s not always God’s way.

5. There is Balance. If your student is ready for a deeper conversation, talk about how in both the Star Wars franchise and our regular lives, there is a balance. The Dark Side is an interesting take on the force of evil, but there is also “the Light,” that inevitably rises to fight against it. To coin the phrase, “our only hope,” lies in Christ. It’s entertaining to share a story with galactic explosions and light saber battles, but ultimately an ordinary life with Christ is far from boring. He will challenge you, He will thrill you, but He will also give you peace and comfort, and fill your heart with so much love you won’t be able to contain it. Like the excitement of Star Wars, you’ll just have to share your passion for Jesus with others and experience it again and again.