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How to Pray for the Engage Team in Northern Ireland —

By CIY Staff

An Engage mission team has reported updates from Northern Ireland to Christ In Youth in Joplin, Missouri.

• The team arrived safely to Dundrum, Northern Ireland Jan. 4, 2018 and united with mission partners Richie and Jen Shilliday, with R.IO.T. Please continue to pray for the wellbeing of each team member and their safe return home.

• While learning about the country’s turbulent history and seeing the breathtaking sights, the mission team has reported of amazing time with the Lord. Pray for each team member’s soul search, and ask God to inspire them to follow His calling. May the people of Ireland see God’s love and presence through the CIY mission team.

• Pray for the relationships that are forming in Northern Ireland. May each conversation start and end with compassion, wisdom and result in fruition of the Holy Spirit. May the youth at R.I.O.T. feel the hope Jesus brings, and hear the gospel strong and clear through the CIY mission team.