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Mallory Jenkins can pick up anything with her toes —

By CIY Staff

Mallory Jenkins has served the ministry of Christ In Youth as a MIX program coordinator since 2016.

She is one of the creative minds behind the Outer Realm, teaches from the stage and designs program elements and games for Jr. high participants. The Kingdom Worker Hub had a chance to sit down and get to know Mallory a little better and we found that she is not just creative, but has a depth of faith that is inspiring. … Oh, and she can basically pick up anything with her toes.


• How long have you been with CIY?
I was a contracted actor, emcee and host for SuperStart, MOVE and MIX for three years before I came on full-time with MIX in 2016.

• Describe your journey. How were you introduced to CIY and how did you come to work for the organization?
I’m from a small, one-stop-light town – Prairie Grove, Arkansas. I went to MOVE as a student for three years, and then I got my bachelor’s in preaching from Ozark Christian College. I’m actually the second woman to ever graduate with a bachelor’s in preaching. The Lord opened so many doors, and how I got here is all attributed to God because nothing I sought out ever came to fruition. God just provided. I met my boss (MIX Director Taylor Brown) through Siblings Improv (a Joplin-based comedy improv group) in 2013. After I was a stage actor, emcee and host for three years, they welcomed me on full-time. I just completed my first summer as a staff member in 2017.


• How has CIY helped you grow in your relationship with God?
I have the great opportunity to meditate on a chunk of scripture for a year. I’m really dissecting it, listening to sermons, going to commentaries and getting to hear what God has to say about a subject in my life. I get to wrestle with that, learn from it and mature … and struggle. Then I get to humbly go before students and adult leaders and learn alongside them as I share from an authentic heart that it’s light and dark, believe and obey, love and hate – all things that I deal with too. The Lord is so good in providing me space in a job to mediate on His Word. It’s remarkable I get to do that.

• What’s something nobody knows about you?
I can pick up, basically, anything with my toes. I do it all the time! TV remote, clothes, makeup brushes and folders and papers I’ve dropped. 
My clearest memory of my silly pastime is when I was in second grade I forgot my turtle at home when it was my turn for “Show and Tell.” So I took off my shoes and told everyone to throw a pencil on the ground and time me. I picked up 30 pencils in under two minutes – my personal best. That’s a story I think only my classmates and two friends now know about me.


• What’s your favorite show (And/Or) what kind of movies do you like?
I love the movie, “Princess Bride,” and the TV show, “The Office.”

• What’s your favorite scripture and why?
Luke 7:36-50 because I desire to see people as Jesus sees them.


• What do you love about your ministry with CIY?
I love learning and creating but I love even more that I will never, ever do it alone. It’s all part of a team. It’s because of that team – that collaboration – everything is very intentional and very God-driven. It’s an amazing thing to not put your name on anything. It has changed my perspective of everything we do.
It’s really fun to be able to program elements for both indoor and outdoor programs because I get to write scripts, stage games, card games and worship elements. Getting to collaborate with a team of worship leaders and hear their heart of why we pick specific songs is amazing. We pick them intentionally so that students can hear words that will help them make a foundation of what they need to hear –  truth instead of lies, or to hear “good, good father,” even though they are fatherless in this world.
My team is my family, but I also love that I get to interact and share meals with students who are changing the world. My favorite thing is a two-hour lunch conversation with a middle school student. I just am so honored to share a meal and laughter and meaningful conversation with Jr. highers. They can do so much more than what a lot of us think that they’re capable of. That’s my favorite part of my job – is eating bad cafeteria food. I love it so much.

• Where will you be this year that people could connect with you?
I’ll be in Kentucky June 3-6; Oklahoma June 18-21; Tennessee June 25-28; Florida July 2-5; and Illinois July 30-Aug. 2.