POTW: For Broken Hearts in N.C. —

By CIY Staff

We cry out to you in times of tremendous loss and pain. Our hearts are broken for the family of Mariah Woods in North Carolina. While losing a child at age three seems senseless and undeniably excruciating, we can hold onto the knowledge this precious little girl is now in your heavenly presence. For that, we can rejoice – knowing she will never suffer again in your eternal glory. 
Father, we ask for your healing and comfort for all who knew and loved Mariah. May you hold them and guide them through these dark times ahead. May you give them peace, and one day, happy hearts again. There is nothing else in this world that could possibly compare to the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit, or the impact the foundation of faith has for humanity.
Lord, it’s in times like these when we sometimes seek understanding. We pray for the knowledge that you alone are in control, working for the good of all who call upon your name. We know you are good, we know you are the light in this dark world, and we know to trust in you. 
Without you, there is no hope. Without Jesus, there is no glory. It’s in His heavenly name we pray, Amen.