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POTW: Having Eternal Hope in a Dark World —

By CIY Engage

In this moment, we take a step back from distractions, busyness and chaos that seems to constantly swirl around us. We take a moment to breathe as we remember your faithfulness. We remember how you were faithful long before we were born. We remember your faithfulness in saving us, forgiving us, and welcoming us into your family when we did nothing to deserve it. We remember the ways you are good because that is who you are. We have no reason to fear because you have always been good and you always will be. Your faithfulness to us will not change. We acknowledge how difficult it can be for us to always see your light in a world of darkness.
In the last few months alone, we have experienced shootings, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and attacks on the vulnerable. Jesus, we acknowledge our circumstances do not tell us who you are. Even though we face suffering and pain, you remain good. Even though we live in a dark world, we have an eternal hope in you.
We wait for the day you make all things right. As we wait, would you help us to see your light more clearly today? Would you continue to allow your light to break through the darkness? Would you give us reminders of your constant faithfulness as we live among the broken? Please give us more compassion as we go throughout our day to love the vulnerable. Do not let us be overcome by darkness for you are in us and you are greater than the one in the world.
This is our hope.


Our Engage team at Christ In Youth believes that it is important to consistently engage your students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around the world. We also believe in the power of prayer. We have created a free weekly resource that you can use as a programming element during your youth group meeting times. You can also visit this site regularly for updates to see how God is answering our collective prayers to affect change in the hurting places of the world. Would you join with us in prayer? Would you join with us in engaging a generation of students’ hearts and minds with what is happening around them and the power of their God to do something about it?