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POTW: How to Pray for the Turpin Family —

By CIY Staff

It can be difficult to pray like Christ for unspeakable cruelties that happen in our world.

Our hearts have been broken for the 13 siblings rescued from an allegedly abusive home in California (
Lord, we first praise you for taking action in this situation with these children. Thank you for the courage you instilled in a youthful heart to speak up for her siblings.
It’s going to be a long road of recovery for these children. Lord, please be with them and heal them physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Jesus, please guide the doctors and nurses looking after the Turpin kids. Please give their hearts strength to represent your amazing love.
Lastly, this is the most difficult prayer, Lord. Please send your Holy Spirit to flood the hearts of David and Louise Turpin. May they find grace and forgiveness in your eyes. Jesus, soften our anger and scorn and remind us that they are your children too.
It’s in your son’s name, Jesus, we pray and find our hope,