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POTW: How to Reflect God’s Love —

By CIY Staff

We turn to you for courage, strength and confidence to always show the world what your love looks like.

Lord, we pray for our nation’s leaders. Please be with them as they make decisions, present speeches and represent such a wide and diverse people. Our hope is that the world can see acts of compassion from our country that reflects You, more than feel the anger from words of one person. We pray for unity as we stand in love and grace, sharing our faith with the world.
Jesus, we pray to never forget we all made in the Father’s image. God created the world, and we are blessed to see the beauty in each and every place.
Please keep us humbled, Lord, to know You love all mankind. May we show that same love to our neighbors and strangers alike across the world.
In Jesus’ name I pray,

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