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POTW: “ME TOO” Victims Get a Voice —

By CIY Engage



This past week has been filled with women coming forward and sharing their “me too” stories of sexual assault and harassment. Jesus, it is heartbreaking to see so many women who have been taken advantage of and who have been forced to laugh off unwanted sexual advances. Help us Jesus. There is something deeply broken within us that we would treat people as objects- and the only cure is you Jesus. We pray for us to have our hearts not just healed, but completely transformed. We pray for both men and women to treat each other as image bearers of the King of Kings, to communicate worth and dignity to one another, and to love and respect each other with kindness. For this to happen, we need a movement of your Spirit. Jesus, we ask you to be near to those who have been victimized, that you would do the deep healing that only you are capable of, and we also ask that you would be near to the perpetrators of these acts. Help them to regain a healthy love and respect for those they would seek to take advantage of. We are broken Jesus, we need you. Amen

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