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POTW: Winter Olympics to thrill the world —

By CIY Staff

It’s a thrilling time as the world anticipates the 2018 Winter Olympics to begin Feb. 8 in PyeongChang Olympic Stadium in South Korea.

We find a sense of hope during the Olympics as all nationalities come together to compete in peaceful rivalry. This is a time when the world celebrates our differences and applauds all outstanding athletic talents.
Jesus, please be with the athletes. Let them perform to the best of their ability, represent their counties well, and let them find strength and triumph in you.
Lord, we also pray for all those in attendance of the Olympics. Let this event continue as a symbol of world peace – even if just for a moment ­– and guide hearts who have traveled far to support their athletes.
Lord we lift your name above everything to praise you for giving your Son to this lost and dying world. Please forgive us where we fail you.
In Jesus’ name we pray,

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