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POTW: Warm Your Heart Against the Cold —

By CIY Staff

Winter’s piercing winds are fiercely striking the east coast, chilling hearts and spirits. We pray for your warm, comforting presence to blanket us against the elements.

On Wednesday, unusual reports of snowfall in northern Florida ( and a promise of extreme cold in the coming week stiffened our faith.
Lord, we need to be reminded you are always with us – especially in the dark and cold – and for that we can praise your heavenly name. We delight in the joy in times of celebration, but our journey also takes us through trust and faith in times of strife. So when the power goes off, when we lose everything in the refrigerator, when the pipes freeze, when our vehicles fail – we can take a breath and know you are there.
Jesus, we thank you for the calm you bring in the storm, the warming light in the dark and the ease you give burdened hearts. We praise you as you hold onto us through this winter.
In the name of Jesus, we pray,