High School -

Social Spotlight: Let the Students do the Talking —

By Abagail Guthrie, Guest Writer

One of the greatest joys of social media is being connected to both leaders and students– all year long. Below is a student's perspective on her experience at MOVE this summer and what it means to her.

"During my senior year, I began attending the youth group at a small town church in the middle of nowhere, known as South Union Christian Church Student Ministry, or SUCCSM for short. Although it may seem like a small church, it is full of students from schools all around Bloomington. Many of the students have competed against each other in sporting events, but when it comes to SUCCSM, we are a family with no hard feelings or rivalries between opposing school’s students. There were many other teens from my school when I arrived at the youth group for the first time, but I am a bit shy when it comes to new environments AND I never really had talked to any of them at school, so I protected myself in the corner for the first few Sundays before slowly coming out of my shell.


After being with SUCCSM for almost 6 months, I decided to go to CIY MOVE, or Christ In Youth, with the group this summer. I had been two times before, but with much smaller groups. There were about 60 students going, and I was scared out of my mind because I would be rooming with a random girl in the group and my small group did not have any of the people I typically hung out with during youth group. After draining my phone battery on the 5 hour trip to Michigan, I knew I would have to socialize when I got there or else I would stand around with people like an awkward turtle.


I quickly was able to be social once we arrived and even talked to students who came from other churches; some of us even still keep in touch over a month later! This year was also a bit different for me at MOVE because my brother was with me, and I have never been to a camp or anything away from home that my brother was also at. However, this played in my advantage when I couldn’t find anyone and needed someone to talk to or be with. He had my back and I had his.


MOVE is always one of the best weeks of my life, full of faith, hope, and love. The speakers are also so passionate and relate their message to a normal teenager’s life, which is what we all need and hope for when we get there. Each MOVE location has their own band, and I can honestly say I have never been to a MOVE with a bad band or worship. It is always heartwarming and uplifting to see so many other students my age coming together to enjoy the same thing I am. MOVE could be described as a week long TED Talk mixed with a nightly concert! It is AMAZING! If you ever have the chance to go, don’t hesitate. Jump at the opportunity the second you get it. Thanks for reading"