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‘Unseen’ Behind the Scenes: Starting the conversations on mental health —

By CIY Staff

“Unseen,” a CIY-produced short-film that explores the effects of mental illness, is set to premiere for the first time internationally March 5-9 in several locations in Dublin, Ireland.

Below is a behind the scenes video of the making of “Unseen.” In this featurette, Kimberly Fielding, ED.D., and actor Bob Carley talk about how mental health is universal, yet rarely discussed. “Unseen” Line Producer Liam O’Neil shares his behind-the-scenes perspective in this video.
“Unseen” premiered the summer of 2017 at MOVE and MIX events throughout the U.S., and was submitted to several film festivals around the world. Learn more about CIY and the organization’s films at and see more CIY videos on YouTube.