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Youth group wins CIY’s first ‘Called It’ game —

By CIY Staff

CIY’s Æffect team recently launched an exciting new resource for individuals and youth groups to use on their mobile devices.

" Thanks to CIY for creating this fun way to experience events with our kids. "

It’s a fun, interactive guessing game that brings people together around major events. The game is called “Called It,” and the first time it was played was during Super Bowl 52. CIY offered a $100 prize and a free registration to any CIY event in 2018. More than 500 players used mobile devices to guess the next play throughout the football game on Super Bowl Sunday. The winner of the first game was youth worker Lindy Charles from Christ Covenant Church in Beaumont, Texas.

"Our group had so much fun playing ‘Called It,’” Charles said. “We were cheering and groaning more with the ‘Called It’ answers than the actual game. What an awesome way to just be together and have a great time.”


Charles said she particularly loved that students who weren’t able to gather for their party could still participate in the group activity by joining in the game from their mobile devices. She said she’s thrilled to have won the prize, and plans to use the free registration to bless one of her long-time youth volunteers from the church.

“The registration gives me an awesome opportunity to appreciate my two rock-star volunteers – a husband-wife team that have gone on every youth trip for seven years, and let us take their vehicle,” Charles said. “They have two sons going to MOVE this summer for the first time and I am going to gift them the registration as a long over-due thank you for their dedication to our kids and our God. Thanks to CIY for creating this fun way to experience events with our kids. What I really loved was that we were even able to include a couple of kids that couldn't come to the party.”

Called It is a live guessing game that will continue to be offered to individuals and youth groups on a monthly basis. The next live guessing game will be played on March 4 during the Academy Awards. Æffect is also developing more mobile-based resources, that is plans to launch in the coming months – such as a personal devotion app called “Selah.” Æffect also produces fun videos that can be enjoyed on mobile devices, all of which are located on CIY’s YouTube channel.