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Reference Application

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On behalf of the Applicant and us here at CIY, we want to thank you for taking the time to fill this reference form out. It will help us greatly in our selection of interns for our upcoming summer tour.

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Ability to relate to coworkers
Ability to relate to supervisors
Ability to respect Authority
Consideration of others
Self Control
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Emotional Stability
Common sense of judgment
Self esteem
Attention to detail
Team player
Ability to flow
Perseverance and consistency

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Customer Service Manager (MOVE & MIX)

The Customer Service Manager needs to be a friendly face who can remember people and information as well as problem solve. This role will assist our staff with details, and serve youth pastors and students at each event. This person needs to be a “people-person” who can help make our customers’ experience special. Our Customer Service staff also helps lead our volunteers each week. This person will work closely with our full-time staff, and the Housing Specialist.

Housing Specialist (MOVE & MIX)

The Housing Specialist needs to be a good problem solver, have great communication skills, be highly organized, have great attention to detail, and be friendly. They will be responsible for housing all event attendees, and will work closely with their onsite CIY staff and have an integral role in the onsite check-in process. The Housing Specialist of each team really is the first impression of our event and team to our Customers. They will communicate a great deal with our venues and also with youth pastors.

Æffect Store Manager (MOVE & MIX)

The Æffect Store Manager needs to be friendly and attentive to detail. This role will oversee the setup, operation, and teardown of the onsite store at their events. They will need to be able to manage inventory, train volunteers, and be comfortable (and competent) with the financial side of retail. This person will work closely with our onsite full time CIY staff and our volunteers.

Recreation Manager (MOVE only)

The Recreation Manager must be energetic and outgoing as their primary role is to facilitate games and activities for large groups of students and adults. This person will need to be flexible and hardworking as they’ll spend most of their time preparing for and running the activity of the day. They will also need to be able to recruit and coordinate volunteers for each day’s element. They’ll work closely with the Program Director and the Program Coordinator to facilitate all recreation at MOVE.

Stage Manager (MOVE & MIX)

The Stage Manager will be a big part of the stage setup and teardown of each event. This person must be attentive to detail, hardworking, and have a servant’s heart. They’ll be responsible for managing the flow on and off stage, and will work closely with all on-stage talent. They will work closely with the onsite Director and Production Manager.

Outer Realm Manager (MIX only)

The Outer Realm Manager will work with the Program Director and the Program Coordinator to administer all recreational activities at MIX. This person must be energetic and outgoing as they will be running games for large groups of students. This person needs to be flexible and hardworking as they will spend their days in a field preparing the games for students. This person will be responsible for setting up all props, staging, and equipment that goes along with each Outer Realm Game. This person will coordinate volunteers to help run each game, and will also be responsible for tearing down and packing up each game.

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