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The Outer Realm

The Outer Realm is a place where massive group games are played with a range of students – from 200 to 1,200 at a time. We believe Jr. high students absolutely have to play. We want to provide them time and space to do that. Plus, playing in the Outer Realm helps a student connect to their fellow students and adult leaders and create amazing memories together. Our prayer is that an experience on the field can lead to better conversations in their small group time.

Æffect Store

This doubles as the bookstore and information center for all things pertaining to MIX. Merchandise including apparel, books, CDs and such are available for purchase at the Æffect Store. This is where you will sign up for tournaments and bring any paperwork that needs to be turned in. Daily hours of operation are posted at each MIX event location.

Extended Recreation

This is an opportunity for your group to enjoy an extended afternoon of free time. This will take place after Skip-A-Meal on Day 4. Groups are free to leave campus and check out sites in the area, participate in a service project of your own initiative or the many activities available on campus. If your group chooses to leave campus, any students staying behind must have an adult leader present.


Once during the week, MIX asks everyone to skip-a-meal. This money is used to help fund Christ In Youth’s International Conferences in places such as India, Ghana, Costa Rica, Philippines, Myanmar and others. Suggested restaurants for groups to dine at may be found on the MIX website.

Group Time

Twice a day, everyone will be dismissed to Group Time. This is an opportunity for your youth group to come together for Bible study and discussion related to the daily theme. This is also a great way to develop meaningful relationships within your group and just enjoy being together. Each youth group will be assigned a location where they will meet. You should be prepared to lead and/or direct your students during this time.

Kingdom Worker

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