What Is Move

MOVE is a 5-day high school only event held all over the country, designed to amplify the call of Christ on students lives to become Kingdom workers.


Located on college campuses across the nation, Move provides a program for 25,000 high school students every summer. Students are challenged through intense, interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study, and community building.

Students at Move not only learn and worship together but also spend quality time with their church youth group, discovering ways that God will use them to be a greater help to the world.


Move is more than just another conference or camp. Move is an experience! It’s an all-inclusive event providing food, lodging, recreational activities, and an amazing program. As an adult leader, Move will guide you through leading your small group each morning by providing materials specific to each days lesson, prior to the event. Following the event, Move curriculum is available and ready for your purchase. The curriculum will take your students deeper into Move’s theme for 4 more weeks.

Move doesn’t want students to leave on a spiritual “high” that dies as soon as they get home. We strive for students to go Beyond the Event by committing to become Kingdom Workers. Cards with challenges for the upcoming year are handed out on the last day of Move and students are encouraged to commit to completing those challenges, no matter how difficult they may be. Click here to learn more about Kingdom Workers.

In The Press


Christ In Youth (CIY) specializes in connecting young people with Jesus Christ. We believe that God is opening the doors to some incredible opportunities for CIY to minister to this generation. It is our vision that one million teenagers will have a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ through CIY during this decade. A CIY conference or event is a special place where young people can come and experience God and His word in a way that transforms their lives! We are committed to providing life-changing experiences that will affect hundreds of thousands of teenagers during the next few years.

Christ In Youth (CIY) exists to connect young people with Jesus Christ. Our mission at CIY is to provide opportunities for young people to experience God and His Word in a way that transforms their lives. Our mission is accomplished in three ways: through conferences, service projects, and mission trips for young people as they stand at the crossroads of their lives and through training and resources for the adults who work with them.