Move Summer Internship

Event Staff applications for the summer of 2016 are currently being processed.

Some summer internships consist of making copies, getting coffee for the supervisors, and filing documents under florescent lights from 8-5. This is not one of those internships. At CIY, our Event Staff (or interns) are an important part of helping us accomplish our mission and as such, they play a critical role in our summer events. In the summer of 2016 the programs of MOVE, MIX, and ENGAGE will serve over 37,000 students and adult volunteers. We could not do what we do in each of these programs without the help of our Summer Event Staff. Our Event Staff are highly valued and deeply loved by our organization. If you’ve found your way to this page, you are probably thinking about applying for an Event Staff position with one of our summer programs, so below are a few important things to know.

Important Dates

  • Application Due: January 22, 2016
  • Final Selection: February 19, 2016
  • Start Date: May 23, 2016
  • End Date: August 12, 2016
    *Some programs have a later start date, some end a little earlier…. But these are the earliest and latest dates.


  • Active desire to love, follow, and serve Jesus
  • Willingness to love and serve others  
  • Graduated high school May 2014 or earlier 
  • College Aged (between 19-25 years old)
  • Ability to:
    • Work with a team
    • Take Initiative
    • Problem Solve
    • Lead Volunteers
    • Serve Wholeheartedly
    • Perform some Physical Labor


  • This is a paid summer event staff role.
  • Housing is provided during employment dates.
  • Meals are provided while traveling to/from CIY programs. (Event Staff is responsible for own meals while in Joplin.)
  • Event Staff is responsible for transportation to and from Joplin, MO in correspondence with the start and end dates. We’ll work on this together in March/April.
  • All Event Staff will travel to between 5-7 weeks, and work in the office when not traveling.

Application Process

Step 1:  Read through the program and job information below to see what you'd like to apply for.

Step 2: Apply Online
*Please note… on the application there are a few fields asking for Passport info etc….. YOU WILL NOT BE TRAVELLING INTERNATIONALLY. This section is not relevant to our Event Staff teams - you will not need a passport for your travel this summer, you should skip this section. We do need the information that follows that section about Emergency Contact, Health Information etc.

  • Apply for MOVE (the application deadline has passed)
  • Apply for MIX (the application deadline has passed)
  • Apply for Engage (the application deadline has passed)
  • Apply for ALL of the Summer Programs (the application deadline has passed)

Step 3: Provide 3 References (It will be up to you to send this link to three people (non-family) who will serve as a reference for you. These people should be able to give a professional, character, or spiritual reference.)


To help you think through which summer CIY program you would like to work with, below are brief descriptions of our three summer programs that are hiring summer Event Staff. {*Also, you can apply for one program (Move, Mix, or Engage….. OR….. if you can’t decide or are unsure of which program to apply for, you can apply for all three programs using the CIY Summer Event Staff application.}

MIX -  MIX is a four-day summer conference event for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. We want to give these students the chance to have fun and enjoy spending time with their peers, while also challenging them with age-appropriate ideals that will help them embrace Christ’s call on their lives to be Kingdom Workers. MIX is their chance to be exactly who they are – to play, listen and learn as themselves.

MOVE - MOVE is a five-day program for high school students to experience God. Each week includes daily devotional times, nightly worship celebrations, community discipleship and challenging messages.  Students at MOVE not only learn and worship together but also spend quality time with their church youth group, discovering ways that God will use them to be a greater help to the world.

ENGAGE- Engage domestic mission trips train students to put Kingdom work into action through intentional and interactive training, while also giving them the opportunity to use their hands, minds, and hearts to encourage others through active service projects.

Job Descriptions

These programs are fast paced and have a lot of moving parts. To make sure we maximize all of our gifts and abilities, Event Staff are divided up into several different roles for their time at CIY. Each program is a little different so not each role is needed for each program, but each program will have multiple teams of Event Staff that will travel during the summer. You can read more about each of these roles below.

  • Customer Service Representative (MOVE/MIX/ENGAGE)
  • Customer Service Housing Specialist (MOVE/MIX)
  • Station Manager (MOVE/MIX)
  • Auditorium Manager (MOVE only)
  • Backstage Manager (MOVE/MIX)
  • Outer Realm (MIX only)
  • Production Coordinator (ENGAGE only)

Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative needs to be a friendly face who can remember people and information as well as problem solve. This role will assist our staff with details, and serve youth pastors and students at each event. This person needs to be a “people-person” who can help make our customer’s experience special. This person will work closely with the Program Coordinator, and the Housing Specialist.

Customer Service Housing Specialist

The Customer Service Housing Specialist needs to be a good problem solver, have great communication skills, be highly organized, and have great attention to detail. They will be responsible for housing all attendees, and will work closely with their onsite Program Coordinator and have an integral role in the onsite registration process. They will communicate a lot with our venues and also with youth pastors.

Station Manager

The Station Manager needs to be friendly and attentive to detail. This role will oversee the setup, operation, and teardown of the Station (our onsite store). They will need to be able to manage inventory, train volunteers, and be good with the financial side of retail. This person will work closely with the Program Coordinator and college volunteers.

Auditorium Manager

The Auditorium Manager must have high energy, love crowds, and have the ability to train volunteers. They will oversee everything from lyrics to seating chart to special elements for all attendees. Their primary role will be to help execute everything that takes place in “the big room”. They will work closely with the Backstage Manager and Production Manager.

Backstage Manager

The Backstage Manager will be a big part of the stage setup and teardown of each event. This person must be attentive to detail, hardworking, and have a servant’s heart. They’ll be responsible for managing the flow on and off stage, and will work closely with all on-stage talent. They will work closely with the Program Director and Production Manager.

Outer Realm Manager (MIX only)

The Outer Realm Manager will work with the Program Director and the Program Coordinator to administer all recreational activities at MIX. This person must be energetic and outgoing as they will be running games for large groups of students.  This person needs to be flexible and hardworking as they will spend their days in a field preparing the games for students. This person will be responsible for setting up all props, staging, and equipment that goes along with each Outer Realm Game. This person will coordinate volunteers to help run each game, and will also be responsible for tearing down and packing up each game.

Production Coordinator (ENGAGE only)

The Production Coordinator is responsible for set-up and tear down of lighting, video and audio equipment and interactive elements for the program. This person operates assigned tasks in one of those three areas during daily program sessions. The Production Coordinator works directly with the Program Director, bands, and speakers.


If you have any questions about our Summer Event Staff or the application process, please contact Chelsea Jones at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)