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Welcome to the MOVE prayer for students page! If you’re here, it probably means that you have committed to praying for a High School student leading up to and during their time at MOVE. So first things first: Thank you. Thank you so much for partnering in the work that God is doing in the life of that student. It may well be the most important ministry done in his or her life.

We know that, often times, prayer is made easier when you have some clear direction on what you can be praying for. On this page you’ll find some helpful ideas and guides for the next few weeks as we anxiously anticipate all that Jesus does in our lives and in the lives of the students we’re lifting up to Him.



Getting Started

You were probably directed to this website by following a link on the back of a key tag you received upon volunteering to pray for a student. If not, find the youth minister at your church tell him that you want to pray for a student at MOVE. But hey, even if you don’t, you don’t need a key tag to pray with us. We’re glad you’re here. If you DO have a key tag, write the name of a specific student going to MOVE on the space provided and attach the key tag to your keychain. Allow this to be a reminder to pray for that student every time you see that key tag. Wouldn’t it be amazing if every time you entered and left your house, unlocked and started your car or finally found your keys after unknowingly tossing them in the bathroom drawer again, the first thing you did was pray for that student whose name is written on the back. If the prayer of the righteous person is powerful and effective, then just imagine that person praying 5, 6, 10 times a day for a single student who is, at the same time, being challenged with uncompromising truths about who Jesus is and the lengths to which He’s gone to in order to call them to a life of Kingdom work.

What to Pray For Before the Event

This year at MOVE we’re studying through the life of Peter. The specific texts we’ll be studying will also serve as a guide for us as we pray for students. We want to challenge you to read as you pray. In the days, weeks and months leading up to MOVE begin reading through the scriptures for days 1 & 2. In these scriptures we see what life is like as someone starts to follow Jesus and begins to see Him for who He truly is. Make a list of some things that you notice throughout these scriptures and pray 1 a day over the student on your key tag.

Day 1 (Luke 5:1-11)
Day 2 (Mattew 14:22-33; 16:13-20)


  • Ask God to give them faith, even if they haven’t truly see who He is yet
  • Ask God to reveal to them their own sinfulness
  • Ask God to give them the boldness to follow Him
  • Ask God to reveal to reveal to them the full measure of His greatness
  • Ask God to put in their hearts a deep love for the church

Also pray that in this time leading up to MOVE, that God would protect their hearts. The evil one is here to steal kill and destroy and would love for that student to not experience the worship, community and truth that God has in store for them.

What To Pray For During the Event

Alright! They're on the bus. Headed to MOVE. While there, they'll spend 5 days exploring what happens in our lives after Jesus shows up. We’ll explore what it means to follow Jesus by examining some of the more pivotal interactions between Him and His friend and follower, Peter. Below are the daily themes and scriptures we'll be going through at MOVE together. We'd like to invite you to study along with us, praying specifically for those themes to soak deep into the hearts of the students.


DAY 1 - FOLLOW (Luke 5:1-11)

  • PM
    • We’re calling students to journey with Jesus, even it’s for the next 5 days. Peter didn’t know what he was getting himself into, but he went anyway.
    • Even if they're not sure they believe it, we want them to give it a shot and see how Jesus moves in their hearts over the next 5 days.
    • Pray that...
      • Students will realize that God isn’t asking students to come find Him, but that He has sought them out.

DAY 2 - SEE (Seeing Jesus for who He is)

  • AM – Walking on Water (Matthew 14:22-33)
    • We want to encourage students to keep their eyes on Jesus. To not be distracted by the wind and the waves of their life, but see them as an opportunity to put their faith in Jesus. Hopefully students will leave the AM session considering the things that tend to take their focus.
  • Small Groups – Are my eyes on Jesus?
    • Small Group will delve into the things that cause us to take our eyes off Jesus.
      • What are the “Wind & Waves” in Students' lives?
      • How can they live a life that focuses on Jesus?
      • How can they be a part of helping others do the same?
  • PM – A New Name (Matthew 16:13-20)
    • We want students to wrestle with Jesus’ question, and answer it for themselves. Who do they say Jesus is? Their answer could alter the trajectory of their life. We want students to understand what the title “Christ” means. Proclaiming Jesus as Christ doesn’t mean they have to have everything figured out, or that they have all the answers.
    • Pray that...
      • Christ will reveal himself to students.
      • As students begin to understand who Jesus truly is and what He is calling them to, that they would be both surprised and comforted.
      • Students would understand the new identity they have in Christ.

DAY 3 - FAIL (Dealing with falling short)

  • AM – Predicted denial and Denial (Luke 22:31-34 & 54-62)
    • We want students to wrestle with what to do when they fail, when they fall short, and when their words and actions don’t align. Peter wept bitterly because he had failed…that seems appropriate. We want students to begin to look at their life and see where the inconsistencies might be, where the failures are…and to wrestle with what to do with that.
  • Small Groups – What do I do when I mess up?
    • There is so much pressure today to succeed, to not mess up, to be perfect…it makes life even more difficult because no one gets it right all the time. We all fall short…so what do we DO with that? (We are a lot like Peter in so many ways – in the AM session we see Peter talk a big game, but he doesn’t back it up…(we are all that way!). The Small Group time will be a great way to truthfully examine where our words and actions don’t line up and look at what the solution is.
  • PM – Crucifixion (Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 22:63-23:56, John 18:19-19:42)
    • Students will come to this session having thought about the ways in which they fall short. Our intent isn’t to guilt-trip or shame anyone, but to have an accurate assessment of sin and the need for a savior. Jesus came to die – to lay down his life for his sheep…that was his intent all along. The right thing to do with our failures is to take them to the cross.
    • Pray that...
      • The students would get a clear picture of what the Gospel actually is and its implications on their lives.
      • 3000 students would make first time decisions at MOVE this summer. Our team is praying toward that end. Would you join us?

DAY 4 - TRUST (Jesus' resurrection gives life)

  • AM – Resurrection (John 20:1-31)
    • The night before could potentially be a pretty heavy night – dealing with sin and failure. This morning, the great news of the resurrection resounds through the morning session. Jesus has accomplished what he set out to accomplish, when he said, “It is finished!” He meant it. We want students to hear the good news that Jesus is alive – and the fact that he is should affect the way we live from here on.  Our hope is that students begin to get excited about what Jesus has done and what he has in store for them.
  • Small Group – What does the resurrection mean for my life?
    • Does the resurrection affect the way I live my day-to-day life? Should it? How? These are all questions we will help students think through.
  • PM – Restoration (John 21:15-25)
    • Our hope is that students begin to grasp what it is that Jesus wants from them – to follow him and care for Jesus’ sheep. Jesus has conquered our failures and denials – and comes to us and has a word for us and a charge for us to be involved in what he is doing. Jesus hadn’t given up on Peter, and he hasn’t on us either.
    • Pray that...
      • Jesus would give reveal to students that it is by his wounds they are healed.
      • Students will understand that the things they believe disqualify them from Kingdom work were taken to the cross with Jesus.

DAY 5 - REPEAT (The Spirit enables a life of power)

  • AM – Ascension (Acts 1:6-11)
    • A student’s vision for their life is smaller than Jesus’ vision. He is inviting them to be his witnesses – wherever they are and all over the world. To tell others the glorious news of what He has done. Don’t miss the critical component of the Holy Spirit! Doing “Kingdom Work” without the Holy Spirit is deadly. The Holy Spirit is what enables us to live the life Jesus has for us.
  • Small Groups – How do I live with the power of Jesus?
    • If students were to REALLY repeat after Jesus, how would if affect their family? Church? School? Community? City? World? This is where KINGDOM WORK begins… living your life the way Jesus would live it.
  • PM – Lame Beggar Healed (Acts 3 & 4)
    • For Students – When you’ve been with Jesus, there is boldness. When you live with the Spirit, there is Power. Peter can’t help but proclaim what he has seen and heard – what he has experienced. That led Peter to some crazy places and put him in some tense situations, but Jesus promised to be with him and promises to be with us no matter where he may lead us.
    • Pray that...
      • Students will see clearly how they can participate in Jesus’ Kingdom right now.
      • Students will be emboldened to say “Yes” to what Jesus is calling them to.

What To Pray For After the Event

Often times this is the most important time to pray for students. They’re home and back in the real world. Life is hard and the temptation is to go back to the way things were. But God is calling them to SO MUCH MORE! During this time, find the student you’ve been praying for and ask them to tell you a little about their experience at MOVE. Share that you’ve been praying for them and that you will continue to do so.

  • Pray that God give them the strength to stand firm in their home, school and social settings.
  • Pray that God continue to challenge them by sending people to them that need to hear their story.
  • Pray that God reveal to them how they can play a role in His Kingdom right now.
  • Pray that God protects their heart from the arrows of the evil one.
  • Pray that through them, God would bear fruit that would last for generations.

Thank you, again, for praying for these students. We truly believe that it is of infinite worth.