Info for Adult Leaders

Welcome to MOVE 2014!  We are so glad that you have chosen to take part in MOVE and we trust that both you and your group will be encouraged by this event.  The following information is designed to provide important information, answer questions and prepare you for a week at MOVE.

Download the Adult Leader Guide!

Download Small Group Material!

Registration Information

When arriving at MOVE, the first place you should go is registration.  There will be signs posted on campus directing you to the MOVE registration location. It is important that only one to three adult leaders come through the registration line. 

Things You Should Know

Handicap Accessibility
Contact MOVE immediately with any attendees needing special attention so that MOVE and campus staff may provide the best possible accommodations for their arrival. 

Weekly Schedule
Click to view the current weekly schedule for MOVE.  Final schedules appropriate to each event location will be provided upon arrival. Please note that MO1, TN2, FL1, NE, FL3, TX, CA2, OR, and MD will follow the Schedule A version of the Day 5 schedule.

Early Housing Accommodations
Groups planning to arrive early and stay on-campus must contact MOVE immediately.  Accommodations, pricing and availability vary with each venue.  MOVE will make every effort possible to meet the request of early arriving groups.  Groups cannot arrive early without the permission of both MOVE and campus personnel. 

Small Group (D-Group) Material
MOVE provides teaching material to be used during the scheduled Small Group (D-Group) times throughout the week. Click here to download Small Group Material

Damage Reports
MOVE provides damage reports that are to be completed upon arrival and turned into the MOVE Station no later than the morning of Day 2.  These reports guard your group from charges of any prior damages sustained to dorm rooms.  Damages occurring during the week will be charged to your group.  

Adult In Room Forms
Upon arrival, MOVE provides forms for every adult leader to complete and post on the outside door of their room.  This enables proper security and safety measures in the case of an emergency. 

Text Message Notification
MOVE strongly encourages all adult leaders to sign up for text message notifications throughout the week.   The following types of messages will be sent: meeting reminders, emergency information, changes in schedule, etc.  Sign up information will be provided during the first Adult Leader Meeting on the evening of Day 1. 

Mail may be received during MOVE; letters and packages should be addressed to the person “c/o CIY MOVE”.  For full mailing addresses, see the Venue Contact Information section listed below. 

Groups may depart at any time following the final evening session on Day 5.  Most venues provide housing for that night at which point groups must check out with the campus by 9am the following morning.  If you are attending an Early End event see information on the event page for details regarding night 5 housing.  Please contact MOVE with specific questions regarding housing accommodations. 

Adult Leader Meetings
MOVE provides a brief daily meeting to remind all adult leaders of information that is needed for that day.  The following information is covered: text message sign-up info, daily theme introduction, how to use nightly elements, rules particular to that campus, introduction to campus pastor and more.  Check your weekly schedule for meeting times and locations.

MOVE Rules
The adult leaders for each group are responsible for ensuring students follow the MOVE rules.  MOVE reserves the right to dismiss any youth or adult leader who cannot abide by these rules.

MOVE Rules

  1. Respect others and yourself.
  2. No guys in girl’s dorms beyond the front lobby and vice versa.
  3. Alcohol , tobacco, drugs and weapons are absolutely prohibited
  4. Everyone must be in their dorms by the designated “In Dorm Time”.
  5. For security reasons, no students with backpacks are allowed into the auditorium or cafeteria.
  6. Follow the schedule.  Be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. 
  7. During sessions, stay in your assigned seating.  Please follow the posted seating chart. 
  8. Do not leave the auditorium once the speakers begin talking. 
  9. Respect the campus – no TP, water balloons, shaving cream, sidewalk chalk, etc.  No practical jokes!
  10. Do not move furniture as you will be charged for any assessed damage.
  11. Do not dial 911 unless it is a true emergency.
  12. Absolutely no fireworks at any time during MOVE or while on campus property.
  13. No food deliveries of any kind to the campus. 
  14. Students may leave campus ONLY with adult supervision; those staying behind must have an adult present.
  15. Follow the MOVE dress code. 

More Information

Check out the MOVE-ictionary to get more familiar with terms we will use this summer at Move.  Download the Adult Leader Guide for a paper copy of this information, and additional info such as location addresses.

Thank you for choosing to attend MOVE this summer! 
We look forward to serving alongside you to equip and empower your student to be Kingdom Workers. If you have any questions while preparing for a week at MOVE, do not hesitate to contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or 417-781-2273.