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Move to Ireland

At CIY, we have always had a heart for what the Lord is doing around the world, and to call young students to Kingdom Work both at home and to places that extend beyond the borders of the United States.

Our prayer has always been to be a part of something globally, and recently Jesus has opened a door into Europe – starting with the Republic of Ireland. The reality is that CIY needs help to walk through that door, and that is why we’re doing the “MOVE to IRELAND” challenge this summer – where we are asking everyone who comes to MOVE this summer to partner with 2 other people to raise and donate $100 toward the effort to see an event with the same heart of MOVE happen in the Republic of Ireland.

The man we’ve partnered with to spearhead the effort in Ireland is Jasper Rutherford. An Irishman with a huge heart for the people who live on the island and the desire to see healing, spiritual health, and renewal of faith in Ireland. Jasper knows the culture and understands the factors and challenges that need to be faced to see this vision become a reality.

Meet Jasper

Jasper is CIY’s Director of European Expansion. He officially joined the CIY team in September 2016. Jasper lives in Northern Ireland and is a recognized leader in the UK who comes with great experience of speaking and running Christian festivals and events for young people and young adults. Jasper was a youth pastor for 7 years with Willowfield Parish Church in the inner city of east Belfast. He is a passionate evangelist with a heart for peace and reconciliation. Jasper has a PhD in Physiology from the University of Birmingham, England, and a Diploma in Applied Evangelism from York St John University. He and his wife Lynne have three children – Elijah, Shannon and Nathan.


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