Give thanks to the lord and proclaim his greatness. let the whole world know what he has done

psalm 105:1

As followers of Christ, it's important to recognize the amazing ways He works in our lives. And equally as important is sharing the stories of what He has done with others. Preteens face many obstacles when it comes to telling others what God has done for them. Some preteens are fearful to share, while others may feel their story isn't good enough. In fact, most of them feel as if they don't even have a story to share. As a result, Psalm's commission to "Let the whole world know what He has done" can feel like standing in front of a gigantic obstacle course of impossibility. But imagine what preteens could do if that feeling of impossibility were removed.

This year's SuperStart tour is about conquering Gargantor - the biggest obstacles that keep us from sharing the stories of God's work in our lives. By helping preteens conquer those obstacles, SuperStart will help them become a force unhindered in sharing the amazing things God does. Through fun interactive teaching, preteens will not only discover their own God stories, but also an understanding of how to let the whole world know what He has done.